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Looking for a new website or re-design? Your best option is to hand over the redesigning of your Birmingham based online shop to a professional web design birmingham studio. They will check the coding for errors and fix them to make your website mobile friendly. They will also remove the huge graphics from your main page and replace with thumbnails containing a link that directs it to the page containing details of the service or product associated with that image. 

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The colour combination of your online store also plays a massive role in ensuring that first time visitors visit it again whenever they need products and services offered by you. You can be sure that nobody will visit sites containing red text on a yellow background, as it hurts the eye to read the content of such sites. You site should be redesigned in such a manner that it contains all information along with links above the fold. This implies that visitors can see all of the important information pertaining to your website and the links to the other pages of the same without scrolling. Make your website popular and successful by handing over its redesigning to a professional agency in Birmingham today.

You might have chosen the best domain name, the leading search engine optimization agency, and the perfect web hosting services for promoting your new online business. However, you can be sure that your online store will not be successful your website is not designed properly. You need to understand that people nowadays hardly have the time to wait for ages for a website to open. If your website does not open on their browser within a few seconds, they will try another site promoting the same products and services that you do. Apart from this, your website should have a responsive design that allows it to render equally well in all types and sizes of display units.

For your information, more than 75% percent of individuals rely on their smartphone to access the web while on the move. They will never visit your site again if it does not display properly on their net enable mobile. Your website will take quite some time to load on a browser if it contains too many graphics on its index page. The problem is more for individuals still using slow speed internet connections or surfing the net on a 3G mobile network. You are, therefore, potentially losing out a lot of clients due to these factors.